Internship in Fair Employment/Civil Rights Clinic

ATTENTION MPA students, PPA undergrad Seniors and other interested students,

        Internship in Fair Employment / Civil Rights Clinic
        California State Office of Fair Employment & Housing (DFEH)
        (Bakersfield Office)    
       (This may fulfill requirements for MPA & undergrad/Senior PPA,
 or for students in other majors needing or interested in an internship.)

The CA Department of Fair Employment & Housing (DFEH) has a number of available Internship opportunities for PPA students and potentially others in the following departments:

  •         Human Resources Management
  •         Fair Employment
  •         Employment Discrimination Investigations
  •         Employment Law
  •         Civil Rights

This is a very exciting and an “award-winning” program which began Fall 2011. Current Interns report that this is a wonderful professional learning experience (see press release below regarding State Bar Award). This will be available each quarter.

These are non-paid internships for up to 5 Units of PPA credit through enrollment in our regular PPA 696 (Graduate) or PPA 496 (Undergraduate) INTERNSHIP courses.
(Business and others students may receive credit as approved by their advisors.)
“The mission of the Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) is to protect Californians from employment, housing, and public accommodation discrimination, and hate violence”      
The internships run approximately 10 weeks, with Interns serving 10-20 hours per week, by arrangement. Internships will begin with 2 weeks of instruction in Civil Rights Law followed by hands-on experience in assisting with the review of DFEH discrimination complaints.
  • Students must apply and be selected
  • Graduate students are preferred, though qualified undergraduates will be considered.
  • Understanding and ability to adhere to confidentiality requirements is critical
This is more than an on-the-job learning experience, the internships includes a class instruction and training component. The interns receive formal instruction in civil rights law from DFEH administrators, investigations staff and DFEH attorneys. This professional academic internship experience may benefit students with an interest in civil rights, employment discrimination law and human resources management in general.
Only a selected number of students will be accepted for the Fall quarter, so apply now!
If interested or if you have questions, contact Dr. Thomas R. Martinez via email ASAP at
Please begin by providing the following:
        – Name
        – Email address
        – Daytime phone number
        – identify your degree program (BA in PPA; MPA; etc.)
        – provide your cumulative GPA
 For more information about the program, click here to see the press release regarding State Bar Award.

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